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Developing a successful Web site and getting on line requires thinking strategically, and logically about a few key issues, Frazston will be there to help you, we have broken it down to 5 easy Phases.

Phase 1) Developing Ideas – We shall discuss your ideas and will help you determine the best way to utilize your new site, whether it be a public relations tool, an information clearinghouse, or a signpost directing your viewers to more detailed information.

Phase 2) Designing - Working from information you have given, we shall design a tailored site for your target audience. A design style that reinforces your brand identity rather than undermining it . A good strong layout that helps structure and organise the content.We will show you how to use your colour photographs, graphic images, sales flyers or brochures to maximum effect on your site.

Phase 3) Creating Pages - will we program the site to the specification agreed.

Phase 4) Publish - Once complete the site will be uploaded to your ISP. Your site is now available for viewing throughout the world.

Phase 5) Maintenance – Frazston will ensure that your site get the best and correct exposure to all mayor search engines so that potential user can find it when they perform a search on your company key words.
We supply long term on-going support so that if your circumstance's change we can make any changes fast and efficiently.

We will be there, with full support every step of the way.