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What is a domain name?
A domain name, which can have a personal name, forms the latter part of a URL (Uniform Resource Location- the address of a web site) also used in e-mail addresses.

What use is a domain name to me?
As a user you may already have access to an e-mail address and web space. However, the address that you have to use is normally at least partially defined by your ISP – (Internet Service Provider) you cannot have an address that is personalised to you, or which holds some special significance for you.

Your existing e-mail address will have the name of the ISP as part of the address, and your web space also contains the name of your ISP.

You can register any available domain name, and have it uniquely identify you. For example, you could register the domain my-choice.co.uk; your web space would then appear at the URL www.my-choice.co.uk - far nicer than the standard URL of www.<isp>.net/~my-name.

You can then give your e-mail address as my-first-name@my-choice.co.uk rather than the anonymous my-first-name@my-name.<isp>.net.

At Frazston we will let you registering your chosen domain name as we feel it is your name so it should be registered to you, we will help you choose the right name and select the correct ISP for your specific needs.